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Our Lab Reports

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Disposables Lab Reports

Vape Disposable


D9 Gummy

D9 Gummy Worms

D8 Gummy Rope

Delta 8 Airhead Gummies

Delta 8 Sour Apple Rings

Delta 8 Watermelon Slices

Delta 8 Watermelon Rings

Delta 8 Peach Rings

Delta 8 Tropical Gummies

Delta 8 2 Pack Gummies

Delta 8 Blue Razz Gummies

CBD Edibles

Delta 8 Lollipops

15mg Delta 9 Gummies

25mg Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 Berry Krunch Bar

Delta 8 Chocolate Crunch Bar

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Delta 8 Cinnamon Crunch Bar

Delta 8 Rainbow Bites


HHC Moonrocks Trainwreck

HHC Moonrocks Blue Zkittles

HHC Moonrocks White Widow

Pineapple Express Moonrocks

Budzburn Water Soluble

1000mg Water Soluble

2000mg Water Soluble

3000mg Water Soluble

100mg Water Soluble

Budzburn Topical Cream

1000mg Topical Cream

2000mg Topical Cream

Budzburn Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

Budzburn Nectar Sauces

Delta 8 Diamond Sauce

HHC Blackberry Nectar

Budzburn Crumble

Delta 8 Crumble Ice Cream Cookies

Delta 8 Crumble Super Lemon Haze

Delta 8 Crumble Biscotti

Delta 8 Crumble Bomb Pop

Delta 8 Crumble Green Crack

HHC Crumble Tropicana Cookies

Budzburn Distillate

CBD Distillate

Delta 8 Distillate

HHC Distillate

Budzburn Tinctures

2000mg CBD + CBG Tinctures

3000mg CBD Tinctures

Budzburn Flower

Blue Dream Flower

Wedding Cake Flower

Hindu Kush Flower

HHC Blackberry Kush Flower

HHC 24K Gold Flower

HHC Sweet Island Skunk Flower

HHC Wedding Cake Flower

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